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Mykul Anjelo

Mykul Anjelo

Oconomowoc, WI


"Expressing the Art of life" is my signature seal. That saying embodies the pulse and motivation of how I desire to spend my days here upon this grand, gritty, and glorious sphere. Whether it is just breathing in Creator's good air, looking into the face of a child, humming a spirit melody, or considering the broken & torn lives around me, these all absorb into the works of my hands and heart that are displayed here. Above all, I revel in Designer's unspeakable menagerie of colour, shape and substance ~ of which I am an elemental expression of!!
To live life is an art itself. To live and express it as I was created to, is my ultimate joy and purpose.....
[2 cor 3:18]

Whether displaying his creations alongside NYC designer Donna Karan for an aids benefit, or just mixing it up with some 3rd graders for a 'fine art day' at a local grade school, mykulanjelo has been blessed and honored to be a beacon of creative light and purpose. mykul's desire is to inspire, enlighten and engage the oft neglected side of human experience ~ the soul ~ through Art. He sees this as the center of all our well-being and purpose.......that each one of us has the capacity to see and grasp greater realms of inspiration and creativity. These being accessed with just enough encouragement and truth, can grow and begin to inform and define a whole new way of seeing the world (life!). This process of "beholding and reflecting" has ignited a continual feast of inspired material and images that find their way into mykulanjelo's handiworks. He simply just opens the eyes of his heart and mind to the created world around him as well as to the subtle, nuanced world of emotion and the human soul......
It has been said of some of mykul's works, that you cannot grasp them in just one viewing; it takes repeated meditations to have the layers of soul embedded in the works to reveal themselves over time. This is one of the defining marks that pleases mykulanjelo most about his offerings. It is his desire that as you engage your own heart with his 'works', that you begin to find bits and pieces that speak to you personally and you therefore embrace them as your own. Then, take those elements with you to nourish and entice your own soul to the purpose of beginning and continuing your own art conversation with your life and let the soul-expansion process begin!!
with substance, in truth


yellow n green thicket by Mykul Anjelo


abstract cross by Mykul Anjelo


mystic woods by Mykul Anjelo


old time tractor by Mykul Anjelo


vibrant junkyard truck by Mykul Anjelo


floral garden feast by Mykul Anjelo


into the sky by Mykul Anjelo


blue pastel skies by Mykul Anjelo


the return by Mykul Anjelo


calhoun by Mykul Anjelo


praise by Mykul Anjelo


abstract barn base by Mykul Anjelo


old rusty by Mykul Anjelo


polaroid trees by Mykul Anjelo


remnant by Mykul Anjelo


autumn yellow by Mykul Anjelo


glory come through by Mykul Anjelo


stark fall field by Mykul Anjelo


1907 by Mykul Anjelo


old coop by Mykul Anjelo


fall shack by Mykul Anjelo


weathered red barn door by Mykul Anjelo


winter stille by Mykul Anjelo


essence by Mykul Anjelo


falls golden glow by Mykul Anjelo


amber alley by Mykul Anjelo


fall phantasm by Mykul Anjelo


Hopper farm fields by Mykul Anjelo


bovine in lavender light by Mykul Anjelo


Triune tree by Mykul Anjelo


glory sky by Mykul Anjelo


fall glory by Mykul Anjelo


autumn aura by Mykul Anjelo


autumn candy by Mykul Anjelo